Key features


Thrive designs are uniquely tailored during setup to be the foundation of your visual identity, so every message delivered on the web and through email and print increases awareness and reinforces your brand.


Tailored Designs

Thrive includes beautifully crafted designs for churches and nonprofits tailored with your logo, text colors and images.

  • Select a design to be personalized for your organization across all mediums:
    • fully responsive website design (desktop and mobile)
    • email design
    • brochure design
    • worship guide design
    • letterhead, envelope and business card design
  • Use your logo or the design's included branding

Custom Branding

If you have your own brand, we can provide a quote for implementing it.

Once implemented, everything you create and publish from Thrive will be branded with your custom design ensuring consistency with every message.

Pricing is based on your specific needs. Contact us for a quote.


Thrive is a communication platform designed specifically for churches. Reaching, connecting, and encouraging members as they grow closer to Christ is easier with Thrive.

Desktop Web

  • Keep your church website visually consistent across multiple types of web content, with tailored designs
  • On-page website editing helps editors see what they're creating in real time
  • Smart templates to create rich multi-column page layouts
  • Predesigned swappable header images to easily differentiate pages
  • Drag & drop site menu management
  • Unlimited blogs
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Unlimited mobile-friendly image slideshows
  • Interactive calendar with unlimited events

Mobile Web

Thrive designs are cleverly built from the ground up to be responsive - meaning they dynamically adjust the presentation of your ministry website based on what its being viewed on - so it looks great on big and small screens without you doing any additional work.

  • Columns automatically resize and stack as the screen size decreases
  • The site menu is neatly tucked into a drop down so it's perfectly accessible, and easy to tap when needed
  • Edit, create and publish content from your tablet or mobile phone (requires iOS5+, Android3+, or Windows Phone IE10+; does not include file or image upload capabilities)



  • Create, schedule and deliver posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • Unlimited posts to Facebook
  • Unlimited posts to Twitter

Email Messages

  • Create, schedule and deliver rich emails to groups
  • Members can opt-in/out of email messages
  • Create unlimited email messages and send 12,000 emails (per month) to a list of 2,000 subscribers
  • Purchase higher quantities and send rates if needed


Text Messages

  • Create, schedule and deliver text messages to groups
  • Members can opt-in/out of receiving text messages
  • Create unlimited text messages and send up to 2,000 text messages per month with no additional fees
    For example, one message sent to a group of 30 people who are opted in counts as 30 text messages
  • Purchase additional text messages if you need more


  • Create unlimited print-ready worship guides and brochures, letterhead, envelopes and business cards consistent with your visual identity
  • Save any print project as a PDF with full bleeds for commercial printing or without for in-house printing



  • Create a form page anywhere within your website to collect responses for registrations, reservations, requests, and more
  • Unlimited forms


  • Available option for all published album images, blog posts and podcast episodes
  • Review/approve from anywhere with email-based approval
  • Allow/disallow visitor commenting for each page or post
  • Allow/disallow automatic comment posting



Thrive not only simplifies the creation of your messages, but also managing who gets them and how they receive them.

Members can easily assist in the creation of messages too, with access targeted to the areas where they serve.


Members can play multiple roles – from viewing, commenting and receiving messages to managing the creation and distribution of messages.

  • Add unlimited members via email - no caps or per member fees
  • Members manage their own account profile, contact and social information
  • Members manage their own email and text contact preferences (CAN-SPAM Act and MMA Guideline Compliant)
  • Members can comment on any web content that allows commenting
  • Members can be placed into one or more groups


The manager level increases the responsibilities of a member. Make any member a manager over one or more areas of your account - from specific tasks like an individual group to managing all of your content or people.

  • Unlimited site editors and managers
  • Assign managers to specific areas including:
    • Updating site settings
    • Changing/editing themes
    • Managing one or more groups
    • Editing specific web content
  • Account-wide controls include:
    • Managing all people/groups
    • Managing all content
    • Analyzing all forms
    • Viewing all statistics



Groups help you reach the right people with the right message.

  • Unlimited groups
  • Create open groups, where any member can join, and closed groups,  where members must be placed
  • Allow members to manage one or more groups
  • Create, send and schedule emails and text messages to one or more groups
  • Create web pages specific to one or more groups


Measure your website's traffic, analyze forms and monitor site comments within Thrive. Knowing what’s working and your members' interests allow for small changes along the way, driving member clarity, growth and involvement.


Thrive automatically monitors the most common measurements of your website, yet also easily integrates with Google Analytics and other third-party software for more in-depth reporting.

  • Built-in website feedback including:
    • New and Repeat Visitors
    • Page Views
    • Popular Pages
    • Popular References


Understand the hearts and minds of members by monitoring form responses and pending comments in real time.

  • All form responses are saved in Thrive for collective or individual review
  • Approve/reject pending comments via email notification

Training & Support

Learn more than your way around Thrive with included coaching to help you prepare, build and launch, then take advantage of training and support along the way to keep everything running smoothly. 


Schedule a one-on-one training call ahead of time with us when you know you’ll have multiple questions or need a hand thinking through an in-depth task, process or strategy. Training is offered online and by phone. For larger training events such as on campus training or team training, contact our customer service team for details, pricing and scheduling.

Technical Support

All Thrive clients receive support by email, Twitter, Facebook and phone. If you have a concern about how something works or a suggestion on how to improve Thrive for everyone, simply reach out.



Under the hood, Thrive combines enterprise-level technologies with modern web standards and a minimalist user interface to deliver an approachable yet robust communications management system for churches.

Thrive is the only platform available designed specifically for churches and ministries to create, schedule and deliver their messages to their members over so many different mediums – all managed in one central online dashboard.
At the heart of Thrive is Microsoft's ASP.NET and SQL Server, both enterprise-level services equipped to handle massive amounts of website requests and traffic. Thrive runs on dedicated servers which are housed in a Liebert temperature and humidity controlled Tier-4 data facility in the United States connected to redundant Tier-1 communications carriers and a Level 1 power grid for the highest priority response during the rare case of power outages. Electrical and network redundancy includes battery and diesel backups with redundant self-healing network connections. Thrive offers 99.9% uptime reliability.

Thrive’s website designs use responsive design delivered via HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Responsive design offers smart and beautiful transitions for viewing websites on the desktop web, down to tablets, smart phones and other Internet-enabled devices.
All group emails comply with CAN-SPAM guidelines, offering recipients the ability to manage their own subscriptions which help ensure emails reach their intended recipient without ending up in the junk folder.
Contacts in Thrive are fully compatible with the hcard Microformat standard, which means they are published in a human and machine readable format, simplifying the process of contact information management.
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